when I post something, it's naturally genuine. I'm either having a crisis or joking around to lighting things up. then you have people pretending to be grammar police, old people proving to young young people they're cool and smart, but I didn't come to this site for that. thought maybe I'll have conversations with people who have similar problems and can share positive thoughts. I treat people the way they treat me.
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I'm not religious, but the Golden Rule is just the easiest, simplest, and most logical way to live!

I've noticed trolls have been multiplying 5x faster than rabbits over the last several years. Not just here. Like there was a sudden epidemic. But they can only really snip at you on public posts. It's pathetic but also amusing. Sometimes I feed the trolls for sport.

I know those damn old people are so annoying....

The great thing about this app is that you are free to post or not post whatever you want and say what you want to whomever I you want.

why be negative when you can be positive?