I live in the uk and have 2 children. I am friendly person who wants to meet to friends
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I live in the UK also.. Transferred from south to North. Hit me up some time if you fancy a natter. Have a great weekend.

Hi message me for friendly conversation

Consider me your friend. Oklahoma hereUS

Friends are good. I think that is why many of us are here.

Hi I am from Australia and you can add me as an EP friend.

Hey I would love to be your friend.Im from the U.S by the way:)

Add a response...

i am here;)

Would link to chat with you

Hey I'm from UK two children also : )

Hey LaraSee please msg me !!!

me too! :-)

thats nice :) you seem like a nice person

Hi :)

u make me friend

i would love to listen to your stories.
Its always nice to have some friends...

how are you doing??

I would like to be your friend. I am Daniel.

Thank you! Nice to have new friends. :)


ha ha meeeeeeee toooooooooo

Hello from Louisiana name is tony hope you have a great day

Hey what's up

Hey I'm good how are you

welcome aboard

Hi Sezzie, how are you? Where abouts in the UK are you from?

Oh cool. Me too

Hey sezzie. I'm Damien how are you?

I'm ok thanks. What brings you to EP?

Cool. Would you like to chat?

Send me a PM if you want to

Most I have met from the UK are good and easy going, nice to talk too, easy to get along with, and they accept msg !!!

From one of your former colonies, on the Mexican Gulf Coast, its 90° here now, 80% humidity, your a little cooler where you are !!!

Hello Joe here nice to meet you

Hope you are having a great day