I really am :D But don't talk about sexual stuff or ask me to send my picture... It kinda makes me uncomfortable - Unless MAYBE if you send yours first :O
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Send me a picture :p...or a koala with a tie. :O

Tried to send the koala...

I'm easy to get along with too :D

Hey please be careful. Two guys 18-21 and 26-30 messaging a 13-15 year old on an experience like that..they only want one thing. Don't let their funny/witty/ talk or whatever lead you to doing something you'll regret later. Trust me you'll regret and stress out over it. If you want to talk about what I meant you can message me. If not that's okay too. Whatever you do is your choice, just please be careful.

i m 26 something wrong with me too???

All I'm saying is that a 26 year old messaging a 13-15 year old on an experience like this one is a little worrisome. I don't know you and I can't and won't judge you, but I will speak up and try to enlighten people if I feel something isn't right. You do to have to like it.

agree 100% u r doing the right thing there r loads of pervs n creeps in here

You said you won't judge people and yet you're generalising people based on their age and gender. Double standards much? smh

I'm not judging. You would know if I was. What I'm doing is looking out for the well being of others. I do my best not to judge because it's not my place. It's not judging when a 18-21 year old man is flirting with a 15-16 year old girl. When the proof is in the pudding there's no judging just facts

And who exactly are you referring to by saying a 18-21 year old man?

I would be referring to you sir

If you call that flirting, I should probably call you a noob on the internet who interprets a wink for flirting. I think you should not be poking that obnoxiously long nose of yours into others business when they clearly didn't need your advice or are asking for it. Get a life.

I call that a crack in the doorway. People, male AND female use it to start a conversation that usually try's to get deeper on levels some people aren't comfortable with. I'm not saying at all that's what you were doing but I've been hit on enough by people that I know what it looks like. And if she didn't want my help she could have ignored it. I didn't force her to read what I put. And although I appreciate the offer to "get a life" I'm perfectly happy with the one I have. So have a blessed day.

Why do you think I'd even care about who hit on you and stuff. Nor do I know if she ignored your offer to help and BS. Again, just because a bunch of guys did that to you doesn't mean all the men in the world are thirsty enough to get women. And for the love of God, how are we even supposed to know you're a girl when you have that clown *** profile picture. You could be some 13yo guy who is rejected for your stupid behaviour and trying to get in contact with girls. The kind of behaviour you exhibit clearly negates your statement of not judging people. Duh!

I don't think you care. What I do know it that you learn from personal experience and if I'm a 13 year old boy I have the wrong anatomy. And the reason my picture is Honey Sempi is because guys were hitting on me because of how I look. And I know not l guys are after girls there are some that actually have self respect. In the same breathe there are guys that go after any girl and way they can. I'm not judging anyone. I'm just looking out for the well being of someone else. You however are judging and I'm sorry if I offended you but I will speak my mind. Good day.

Again, in days like these where lesbian and gay relationships are accepted, who knows, if you're some creepy lesbian trying to get a chic. Don't talk when you don't know. The best way would be to mind your own business.

Well I can assure you I'm not lesbian nor have I ever been. And I don't plan on being lesbian ever. That's just me my kind of lifestyle. And I do know that I am not a lesbian. I also know when my gut tells me something doesn't feel right. And again I didn't force her to read my comment and I didn't force her to take my advice. All I can to is say what I feel and they either take it or leave it.

If that's the case, you didn't have to specifically target the both of us and tell that we only want one thing. Whatever the one thing or something is, and you have the nerve to ask me that if I was offended or not. Of course, I have self respect and I am offended cuz a nobody on the internet, based on a comment rates me as a flirt because of my age and gender. Who the hell do you think you are? Again, I don't really care if she took your advice or not. That's not the point of concern. We are messaging each other and its pretty cool stuff. Not every person is welcome to take your unnecessary or unwanted piece of advice. (I'm not aware of Anneliese's case though)

I'd like to point out if I'm a nobody why argue with me? And I do apologize for singling you two out. And whoever wants to take my advice can. Like I said before I didn't force anyone to take it. As I told Anneliese before its her choice and I don't know what you two were or are after. I spoke up because something didn't feel right to me.

You have the answer in your response. You singled me out and THAT IS WHY I chose to argue. If you didn't feel right about something, there are better ways to express it rather than bash it on people who clearly do not have such intentions.

I apologize and I will try better next time. But just because you got uncomfortable about how I approach the subject doesn't mean I was wrong

Just because you're hungry and you want to crash into someone's party because your hunger drove you to do it, doesn't mean you're right. Just because they're uncomfortable and you're hungry by human nature doesn't make you right I guess.

I'm not hungry and that's okay. I'm going to end this conversation because it just seems to anger you more. But I hope you have a nice day

I was just about to deal with it the same way. and I was just illustrating. Jesus! -_- tc

Guys don't argue D:
It's true we shouldn't generalise but you can't blame a person who's extra wary of these events because it happened to them before... Once bitten twice shy right?

Very true...my apologies for offending

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i m dark nice to meet u

Hi I'm Ann nice to meet you

Why is it that the name Anneliese always reminds me of Annelise Michel and The exorcism of Emily Rose xD

D: Probably the just the name lol

Yeah I've come across 2 people on EP (You're the second) and I've always gotten reminded of her in both instances. xD

Lol maybe it's just you XD

Maybe ;)

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