I am pretty tolerant of all personality types.
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They love hunting wolves in russia where I live during the winter.

Do you hunt wolves? You specifically?

yes with my father and two grandfather

wolves are a bit of a problem around here sometimes if left

Then I'm sorry, but I can't be your friend. Anyone who hunts wolves, I can't get along with. Pains me to say it, but it's true.

its ok. wolves have a habit of attacking people and animals if left. its just what you have to do to keep them under control. i understand not everyone will agree with it

Maybe they act differently where I live. Around here, they hardly ever attack anything unless they are doing it for survival. If they need food, or need to kill to avoid being hurt, but they only drag off the weak among us.

Yeah the siberia wolves arent scared of humans like the other ones i think. Siberia wolf packs have attacked small isolated villages before

Maybe they were rabid. They are not mean like that. If they are rabid, then they can't think straight. But wolves aren't that mean.

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Which is, kind of, rare in today's people I guess.

Wayyyyyy too rare.


even me?

Probably. Unless you abuse animals, or hunt wolves.

wolves are my favorite animal!

Then you and I would get along VERY easily.


Question. Would you do whatever it took to save a wolf? Even risk your own life? Like I did once?

yes, For I value anything that isn't human

Same here. But also, I could only get along with you if you are tolerant of autistic people. I have autism.

you do? My best friend in fifth grade ad autism. i am more than tolerant, because being tolerant means you hate it, but you let it be, but I have no problem with it.

Yes. I have Asperger's Syndrome.


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