I am welcoming.

I try to meet people at least half way.

I'll even try speaking with them in their own language!

I do react to ignorance, however, and 'isms'.
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I'm certainly with you on "isms" - our need as humans to cluster together for protection; intellectual protection in the case of "ists".
Yes, welcome to everyone who doesn't feel obliged to swallow a party line whole. As with fundamentalists, certainty stands between "them" and "us".

Yes, that's true


Racism, sexism, ..you know the kind of thing

Like the guy proved below there are a plethora of non-offensive 'isms'.

But they can all be taken to extremes. Feminism for example can be the fight for fair and equal treatment for women, or it can be a platform for a bunch of misanthropes who won't improve anything - just make people take up polarised positions.

That's true misogynists and misanthropes eh?

Exactly, yes.

As in Islam(ism), conservat(ism), commun(ism), fundamental(ism), or femin(ism).
They all tend to acquire an air of religious self-righteousness. There may be something to be said on behalf of all or any of them, but "isms" tend to be the refuge of those seeking simple answers, when we know that there really aren't any.

Albeit there are plenty of words ending with the suffix -ism which have negative connotations, it's not an automatic negative classifier.

Activ(ism), agricultur(ism), complet(ism), critic(ism) etc.

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I think so?