I was a bad girl, and stopped exercising last year. Yeah, I know. Anyway, recently, I've started walking in the mornings (I love walking down the road from my house) for 30-40 minutes. Also, I started Zumba last week, and I go 3 times a week. I absolutely LOVE Zumba. I'm the idiot smiling and laughing at myself while I dance and workout.

Anyway, throughout my exercise experiences, I haven't felt any soreness. None. I can only attribute the lack of soreness to the fact that I take magnesium regularly. I wish I had known this years ago!!! When exercising, your muscles contract due to lactic acid, and you become sore; however, magnesium causes them to "unlock". In the past, I used and made (I still make) magnesium "oil" for my family. I remember walking with a former colleague for almost 2 hours, and I was already getting sore afterwards, but I immediately rubbed some magnesium oil on my skin and the soreness went away.

I know everyone can't take magnesium pills, but I'm glad I am taking it -- especially with the added benefit of not being sore!!!! Maybe muscle soreness is a symptom of magnesium deficiency . . . kind of makes sense . . .

Oh yeah, I'm not eating as healthy as I should, but I am rectifying that day by day.

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SPANK! To toughen you and that diet up Big booty! lol ;p; ;)