I'm Not Buying What The World Is Selling

I don't buy 99% of what the world is selling me. I don't think most people are authentic simply because they are fearful, afraid to strike out from the crowd, so they go along and do nothing very interesting or creative, or passionate. I don't subscribe to the traditional definitions of beauty or success. I think the most intelligent "person" I know is my twenty four year old dog that hates everyone but has figured out a way to live a long serene and undemanding life in relatively flawless health. I don't believe in "casual" friends, they are always fake "air kissers" or pathetic *** kissers. I feel that human beings are basically mindless sheep, only they are much more lethal. I think it is possible to live an authentic life, but, most don't choose to do so.
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4 Responses Jun 24, 2011

It sounds like you see what is truly there, and you have a good head on your shoulders. Too few people can boast that today. Slainte! :)

Right on, Sister.<br />
All I have to do is turn on the television.<br />
Yikes!! People are seriously messing up their faces with all that junk. I don't even want to what is below their neck. O_O<br />
<br />
Why waste time shopping, when comfortable skin always fits just right?

Thanks Lilt, Love your face today honey! :-) You look very green and healthy!

The world and its sheeple. The artificialness abounds. Its probably why I would rather stay home with my family:) <br />
<br />
(though my heart believes there are many genuines out there, i just havent met them yet)

nodding in agreement.

Your Gran loves you baby! kiss kiss