An Introduction

Before I start writing my anecdotes here on EP I would like to introduce myself by telling you some of my favourite and least favourite things. You can take this snapshot to profile me and then you can decide if I'm somebody you'd like to befriend or somebody you'd rather mow down in your Range Rover. I guess I'm an acquired taste...

Favourite things:

Firelighters, rain, Coronation Street, the green triangles in Quality Street, black coffee, Hello! magazine, creosote, hairy chests (but not hairy backs!), red wine, Amsterdam coffee shops (the kind that sell twenty different types of weed!), supermarket cashiers, candles, thunder, granny boots, wisteria, Friday nights, kitchen-sink drama, Joni Mitchell, rag-rugs, purple, big-eaters, swearing, open fires, Sunday lunch, rude drivers, pierced belly-buttons, black nail varnish, fish and chips, tacky seaside resorts, fairgrounds, fried onions, fridge magnets, curry, mushroom-picking, darts, old-fashioned bathtubs, abstract art, garden centres, Frey Bentos steak and kidney pies, washing lines, handwritten notes, pickling jars, potting sheds, nosy neighbours, people who expose themselves to ridicule on Reality TV, Michael Parkinson, Kate Rusby, peanut butter, foot massage, toasting forks, lumber rooms, owls, chocolate body paint, incense, black lace, Faye Weldon, rag and bone men, 70's sit-coms, Glam Rock, Glenda Jackson, poppies, rhubarb crumble, pachouli oil, mullioned windows, cats, bare floorboards, real ale, tattoos, Harleys, off-colour jokes, wind in the chimney, caravans, Mike Leigh,

Least favourite things:

Thimble collections, stuffed toys in the back windows of cars, orange squash, bumper stickers, the colour ‘teal’, PG Tips, pap-smears, politicians, fat women with bare midriffs, electric fires, heatwaves, fascists, beer steins, dried pampas grass, thongs, blokes with long fingernails, cellophane-wrapped flowers from the petrol station, margarine, public toilets, the M1, graffiti, officious library attendants, racists, deep-root canals, gynecologists, dandelions, Barratt houses, randy priests, artificial sweetener, patterned carpet, blood sports, low water pressure, gay-bashers, white satin, xenophobes, Chick-Lit, Australian soaps, processed cheese, mobile phones, Izal toilet tissue, second-hand smoke, spitting (or ‘gozzing’ as we call it round here!), breast implants, brushed nylon sheets, Simon Cowell, fake tans, sweet sherry, fat-free anything…

So that's me in a nutshell. Say hello or feel free to insult me, I am impervious to unkind words and have suffered them for most of my life. It's all part and parcel of putting yourself out there on the internet; trolls really do exist.
BarmyCow BarmyCow
51-55, F
5 Responses May 7, 2012

quirky yes, <br />
unusual yes <br />
fun person most certainly

Well many of your vices I really haven't even thought about, but I was born in England and moved to Michigan many many years ago. Some things I enjoy are Cadbury's flake, Heinz baked beans and steak and mushroom pie. I am married and have 6 cats. If you would like to chat let me know.

Was it Churchill who said something about the United States and England being two nations separated by a common language?<br />
<br />
I am often puzzled by some of the peculiarities of English colloquial ex<x>pressions (as, I suppose, many Brits are puzzled by the way we speak over on this side of the puddle). I have sometimes found myself having assumed some ex<x>pression meant one thing (it's literal meaning) only to find it meant something different. When you said you liked "wind in the chimney" I wondered if that really meant the sound wind makes when it blows over the chimney from a fireplace or if it had some different slang meaning. So, even if it means exactly what it seems to mean, I still had that moment of wondering. So... divided by our common language.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I liked your list of likes and dislikes. Welcome to EP.

Wind in the chimney could be an effective metaphor for something quite unusual!

Good to see someone else from England as well....

I do hope we're not the only ones, darling! your quirkiness!

Thank you!