I Just Refuse to Grow Up In This Aspect

 I love to be original ... my mom gets on me for the way i dress which  i dont dress like a ***** .. i'm just me .. I love to dye my hair  different ..  im just a different type of Girl not that we all arent unique in some way because we all our thank goodness could you imagine  living in pleasantville ??? IcK  but im happy with who i am .. and i love the way i dress , act and  have an attitude  im just  a sassy lil pixie !!! 

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2 Responses May 3, 2007

yes its fun to battle over fashion.

s/b Windrush nee Monte Rosa

As I get older, Pleasantville is sounding better. LOL<br />
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Here is an anecdote from my past that may make you giggle.<br />
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When I was young and living with my dad, I would ask for things and my father would deny me and ask why I wanted them. I would say "everybody else has them". he would tell me " You are'nt everybody else".<br />
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I got into my own fashions and hit the metal era in my 20's. I leaned goth/metal in my dress and hair and make-up. I was riding in the car with my dad one day and he said to me " Why can't you be like everybody else ?! " I said "dad, you put a great deal of effort into letting me know I was not like everybody else. maybe if you had bought me the painter pants and suspenders....I might have turned out like everybody else eh ?<br />
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LOL I love that memory.