So Some People Tell Me

Wow! Such a (relatively) large group, and so few stories...

I believe that there are definitely degrees of "eccentricity" - I mean, the term can apparently imply anything from not getting into every single brain-numbing trend in Popular Culture to suffering from a crippling Mental Illness.

I believe that I belong to the "Rejecting at least the more banal of Mainstream Society's Mores & Trends" side of the spectrum. Naturally, I don't consider myself "Eccentric" - often it is really just a label people throw onto those who, for whatever reason make them feel a little uneasy.  

It seems that nowadays it can be something as simple as enjoying the archaic(!) pass-time of reading books, or not basing ones entire anodyne existence around planning and achieving their "Dream Wedding" by the age of 25 - to list but two disparate examples. I have a fulfilling social life and a variety of interests.
By contrast, I grew up being told that the lady across the street who owned 32 cats, wore the same urine-soaked skirt much of the time and muttered incessantly to her imaginary friends was "eccentric".

A friend of mine tells me that I was thought "eccentric" by some people I went to High School with, as I openly moved in with my boyfriend - rather than running around seeing him furtively behind our Parent's backs! Jeez, if that's all it takes...

I apologize for that tangent!  I actually feel that in our Culture, diversity is something which should be cherished. It seems increasingly -not to mention morbidly, endangered by Globalization & it's reliance upon turning people into unthinking Consumers, suspicious of anyone who doesn't share the exact same set of "tastes", interests and beliefs.


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