Waking Up Girly

I've been laying here thinking of how wonderful it was when my bf spent the night last night and awoke me by rubbing his morning wood against my pantie covered bottom. he pulled me close then started rubbing his **** against me getting me all hot as I slowly woke up. tilting my head around I nuzzled his neck as he continued to caress me and rub my nipples thru my nighty.

He felt so strong and manly holding me like that and I wiggled my bottom against his **** letting him know I was enjoying his ****. he then pulled my panties aside and worked his **** into me lubbing me with his precum. I wiggled back and he started ******* me in ernest now and in too short a time he held me tight as I felt his **** firm up and he moaned as he filled me with his ***.

he continued holding me as his **** softened and slowly slid out along with a bit of his ***. my panties were then pulled back over my ***** and he rubbed my bottom getting them all wet. He patted my bottom laughing a bit as he rolled out of bed about how wet my ***** was now and how appropriate it was for a sissy girl like me to have such a wet pantie in the morning after her man made love to her.

just thinking of this morning makes me tremble in anticipation of the next time he makes love to me ensuring that I always will be his girl and I love every minute of it



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6 Responses Nov 28, 2012

What a lucky gurl you are to have your Man wake you up in such a wonderful manner and that He left your ***** and panties wet as it should be for a girly sissy. i think a butt plug might be more appropriate than a tampon though, that way your body would absorb His seed instead of the tampon absorbing it...

Wow! Very erotic story!
Your description makes me feel like I was the one being taken care of!


Lovely story, I'm a bit jealous. I wish I had some guy filling me up like that every morning. So horny...mmm

As a married guy who have not been but ******, but have sucked a few....
I fantasize about just that. Being in bed and a guys hard on pokes my briefs and lubes me and ***** me, leaving me wet....someday!

what a sexy story id love to be in your pantys any mornin like that

thankyou it is nice waking up like that tho a bit messy and sometimes I have to insert a tampon to keep from seeping and getting my clean panties wet

hehe id lick you clean after he finished with you..