I died laughing reading this yesterday!

Egypt urges US to show ‘restraint’ after protests in Ferguson!

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for the United States authorities and all parties to exercise restraint amid intensified protests over the killing of a black American teenager in the Missouri town of Ferguson.
In a statement, the spokesperson of Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs echoed earlier calls by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to exercise “restraint and respect for the right of assembly and peaceful expression of opinion,” adding that Egypt is closely following the “mounting protests” in Ferguson.
Referring to the Secretary General’s statements, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that protests, which erupted after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, should be dealt with by authorities “according to American and international standards.”
The statement also quoted the Secretary-General, urging a full investigation to reveal the ‘full light on the killing of the American teenager’ in order to achieve justice.

But that's not really the funny part, although it is considered like a slap in the face for the US to receive such statements from Egypt and for the first time, but anyway:

The latest statement by Egypt echoes similar statements by the United States calling on Egyptian authorities to exercise restraint and to respect the right of people to freely and peacefully assemble.

LOL! Well played Sisi, well played! xD Anyways, continue:

Egypt’s relationship with the United States has been strained since the ouster of deposed President Mohammed Morsi. The US, which has unofficially considered Egypt’s ousting of Morsi as a coup, had temporarily frozen military aid to Egypt in protest to ‘an undemocratic’ atmosphere.
Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi recently rejected an invitation to attend the first US-African Summit in Washington DC, held earlier this month. The newly elected President, who was only invited three weeks before the event, sent Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb in his place.

So, let's recap:

Obama cried his eyes out when Morsi was removed and tried by all means to return him back to power.

Sisi rejects the US invitation, while on the other hand he strengthens his relations with Russia as he was there recently where he agreed al lot of economical deals as well as weapon deals!

John kerry comes to Egypt and he gets inspected!!

...and finally, Egypt issues a statement to the US using the exact words the US used with Egypt last July (2013) LOL! A sarcastic message from Egypt saying, do NOT poke your nose in our business, or we will too! I just love that sarcasm!

But after all of this, Sisi is accused to be pro US government!! O.o
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Aug 20, 2014