Do I Have To Answer Egypt's Call ?

I totally agree that no place is better than home, but when you feel homeless at your home, no jobs, no education, no principles, no values, everything good in Egypt is killed throughout the former regime, Egypt now is starting to breathe a fresh free air, corruption is about to vanish, It's almost gone, It takes time to get over corruption & ignorance & liberalism & hatred & green-eyed people who are trying their best to back up Egypt from progressing, I am of two minds whether to stay and take part in building Egypt from all over, or leave it in here and go well-baked place, when it needs me most, I'm sorta confused .
AeFromEgy AeFromEgy
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 19, 2011

Yes maybe half of what you said is right, Egypt need to rebuild again, there are things wrong and we need many things, but Egypt isn't the only country that got poverty and bad education, this happened in every country, there are bad and good things, and beside that how can yo say that you're feel homeless and you're Egyptian, of course you have home here. Complete your studies and if you think that you can help Egypt come, Egypt needs guys like you.