I Love Egypt

iam Egyptian and iam so proud to be some day i travelled for six months i missed Egypt so much and then i discovered i cant go away from Egypt i wish all the world can come to see hw is beautiful and has nice place and iam sure they will have nice time 
PrinceTito PrinceTito
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yes... I love egypt! even im asian, i have travelled there for a month to have a vacation and i wish i wont need to go back home.I miss egypt alot! i wish to come there soon.

u r welcome always

I have been captivated by Egypt since I was a very young child... I hope to visit it someday. The land is absolutely beautiful and it has such an intriguing past!

Egypt doesn't belong to your people. Egypt belongs to Africans. God gave us that land because we are His people.

ya u r right........ but at last is Egypt

we make our revolution coz we dont feel good in our country they took ever thing from us but afer revolution there s freeedom and democracy but alot of people here misunderstand this freedom but when we elect our new prisedent every thing will be good i think.

How are things there? People get the impression there's a lot of hate and discontentment brewing even after Mubarak's removal. In my country, we elected someone without interest in power − a common housewife. When one faction tried to grab power, the other factions gathered around her to support her and maintain the status quo. Power, the desire for power, of dominion, really is without a doubt, one of the prime roots of evil.