I Am a Muslim Egyptian

I am a Muslim Egyptian, I love to the calls before the feast prayer even though I feel its cold enough not to get out of bed.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, I know, by instnict, what Allah permits and what He doesn't but I still say "I'm not sure" to give my self more time to do what I want.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, and I wish there's an easier way to get up and pray el Fagr though I actually realize the HUGE rewards I get when I do get up and pray.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, Satan always finds a way to make me hurt me parents.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, I know I have to fight for what I want to be "a Good Muslim", but I'm just lazy.


RehabdNaK RehabdNaK 22-25, F 8 Responses Jun 14, 2008

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u've just described most muslim egyptions, including me.. hope we get better than that though..

and blue.. u're describing most EGYPTIANS now, not including me :D.. and once again, hope we get better than that..

I'm a Muslim Egyptian too & I'm like you I wish I could do better than that, I wish we all do better cause we need Allah in our life.

I'm with you blue in everything you said and I just don't know why we define ourselves or other ppl with their religion , we're all Egyptians and humans , that's all that matters I think

Any Time Mo :))

blue ur spekin' the freakin' TRUTH.. bless ya..

we just focus so much on religion and jst forgetting the real core !!

and somehow most of the ppl now just listen to the main big religious figures and just cancel their brains !!! and that messes everything up

we mix everything with religion while religion is just a simple private relation between me and GOD and no one should be identified by it !!

I know it maybe wrong am sayn' this but sometimes I feel that its religion that's bringin' us down :S....

i am a christian Egyptian .

who also loves Egypt .

and also has her Christian Family hurt by Satan..

i guess whatever religion we are .. we are just too lazy to fight satan , and we just take the easy way ,

but hey good luck being able to wake for the Fagr prayer ,,, ( i am not being sarcastic ,, i really mean it :) )

Am a muslim Egyptian here too... but lucky u bro/ sis... I don't even pray and I feel ashamed for it..... I also don't like Egypt.. and i wanna move real bad