I Am a Muslim Egyptian

I am a Muslim Egyptian, I love to the calls before the feast prayer even though I feel its cold enough not to get out of bed.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, I know, by instnict, what Allah permits and what He doesn't but I still say "I'm not sure" to give my self more time to do what I want.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, and I wish there's an easier way to get up and pray el Fagr though I actually realize the HUGE rewards I get when I do get up and pray.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, Satan always finds a way to make me hurt me parents.

I am a Muslim Egyptian, I know I have to fight for what I want to be "a Good Muslim", but I'm just lazy.


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8 Responses Jun 14, 2008

u've just described most muslim egyptions, including me.. hope we get better than that though..<br />
and blue.. u're describing most EGYPTIANS now, not including me :D.. and once again, hope we get better than that..

I'm a Muslim Egyptian too & I'm like you I wish I could do better than that, I wish we all do better cause we need Allah in our life. <br />
<br />
I'm with you blue in everything you said and I just don't know why we define ourselves or other ppl with their religion , we're all Egyptians and humans , that's all that matters I think

Any Time Mo :))

blue ur spekin' the freakin' TRUTH.. bless ya..

we just focus so much on religion and jst forgetting the real core !! <br />
and somehow most of the ppl now just listen to the main big religious figures and just cancel their brains !!! and that messes everything up <br />
we mix everything with religion while religion is just a simple private relation between me and GOD and no one should be identified by it !!

I know it maybe wrong am sayn' this but sometimes I feel that its religion that's bringin' us down :S....

i am a christian Egyptian . <br />
who also loves Egypt . <br />
and also has her Christian Family hurt by Satan.. <br />
i guess whatever religion we are .. we are just too lazy to fight satan , and we just take the easy way , <br />
<br />
but hey good luck being able to wake for the Fagr prayer ,,, ( i am not being sarcastic ,, i really mean it :) )

Am a muslim Egyptian here too... but lucky u bro/ sis... I don't even pray and I feel ashamed for it..... I also don't like Egypt.. and i wanna move real bad