The Wars, The Gates - Where To Go From Here?

I was first incarnated on Sel'ar most likely. I spent many lifetimes on the Elenari homeworlds - in peace, in battle, in love, wandering, with family and alone. I fought Vor'jen, I helped hold open the Gates and I was one of the last through. I don't see how the gates could have stayed open, they were meant to shut behind us.

Here, the memories are persistent throughout this life. I long for the Feel of the place, the companions, the magic. Often it feels like I am still fighting and trying to elude Vor'jen traps. Yesterday was a big time yank back toward Home, so, here I am.

Karduth Karduth
36-40, M
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

I know what you mean, I often feel lost in this life too. Who are we that we remember such things? What could possibly be the purpose? Ah, but what is Vor'jen? And what was Sel'ar like?

I come from selar too my name is lilly raven moon then i remember going to bright moon or a realm called that and then avalon so i miss my home world i remember i went to other worlds in elenari