And I'm Positive About It!!!

There is SO much negativity in this world - I just can't deal with it. I don't care what happened in the past, I refuse to let me grovel in the throws of "woe is me" and blame and all that crap-o-la. I made a conscious decision in the middle of a horrible personal crisis that I would never let anything envelop me in negativity.... not people, not the media, nothing!!!

So, if you are groveling in "woe is me" and having a pity party - that's ok, I can handle it but, don't let it get you down. Life CAN be wonderful if you give it half a chance. Even in the worst times - be it financial devastation, life altering issues or major health issues - you have the option of twisting the negativity button so that it points to the positive side.


We can NOT control the actions or behaviors of others, nor can we control many situations

ALL we CAN control is our reactions to it


If it's another person in your life either get rid of that negativity or learn to control your reaction to that person.

If it's a life altering experience - find the smallest of positives in it - find the life lessons to be learned - you may have to dig for it in tears - but, its there!

If it's poor or failing heath - for heavens sake - find something positive in it like helping others with the same issues or even just learning to control the way you react to it - you can't control IT so don't let it control YOU - don't leave this world a negative mess, miserable, lonely and depressed

If I can do it (and I have been through all three examples) then it's possible for anyone else to achieve cleansing negativity from your life -- and I'm not talking about fanaticism or being obsessively happy happy joy joy ALL the time - just being comfortable in your own skin

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2 Responses Dec 12, 2009

Its occured to me that as far fetched as it would seem to most that things appear to be in a devine order, the severity of the problem somebody experiences is measured by the extent they need it to be in order to learn from it. It varies from quite minor issues to major predicaments. If you dont take with you the lesson the first time than you'll continue to be faced with it in a range of situations, like you mentioned, health, financial, anything. You are responsible, it is easy to believe that you have nothing to do with the circumstances you are delt but perhaps it is no co-insidence. You are the creator, and like an illness if an underlying issue is not treated it will grow untill you have no choice but to acheknowlege it and if you respond negitively the purpose of the process is defeated, problems are designed specifically for you so that you cant run and one way or another will heal yourself.

Well said.