GET Up and Out and Do Something!

Those that can should stand, those that can't stand should raise their hand, and those that can't raise their hand should start a band. 

We must fight evil - anything that impedes individuality; and individuals that impede anything!

As a single person I can ignore, make some noise, or do evil.  An entire country can do the same.

The issue is not religion, politics, the economy, sports, laws, culture, entertaimnent, sex, etc., it is US, the present and future.

There will always be those that only care about gratification, or greed, or glory, and others to ignorant to even achieve that.  Ther will always, also, be those so trancendend of "it all" that they are fine alone or in small froups, isolated, unaffected, and unable to offer anything.  It's those with a voice, a limb, a mind that need to somehow reverse the de-evolution of the human mind.

I have no answers, maybe some ideas, but so do you, too. 

How do we fix this? What do we do?



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Mar 21, 2009