They're Disgusting.

Alright, let's face the facts. Humans are not that good(and yes, that's an understatement. A big one). I really do not understand them. They hurt each other. They kill to enrich themselves. They destroy the world that they live in. They destroy beautiful things only to make room for their own atrocious creations. I sometimes I can not stand looking at the way our society works, enriching the rich and neglecting the poor. Seeing people suffer yet leaving them to die alone.

And when they suffer, they can not seem to do it by themselves. They need to inflict (part of) their own pain on someone else, because otherwise it isn't fair or something. Don't they realize life just isn't fair? Don't they realize they are the ones who made it that way? They didn't only destroy the beauty of our world. They destroyed the beauty in themselves.

And here comes the worst part: I am one. I am human, and sometimes I fit into the description above painfully well. I sometimes talk to people who say that humans just aren't 100% good, and I should learn to live with it. When I say I can at least try to be better than that, they say I am fooling myself. They don't seem to understand that I would rather be fooling myself for the rest of eternity than live in this terrible pool of death and filth and greed and accept it.

But when I try to do good, when I try to be helpful while fully staying myself, they push me away. They even work against me. This society works against anyone who is trying to actually stand up and be a good person. I hate living in this world. I really hate it.

JojaRodenaLente JojaRodenaLente
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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Haha Nobodyz, I know the feeling. But what if the spaceship forgot about us?

I totally "get" you on this issue. I am often ashamed to be a part of the human species. And I have had the same experience of either being pushed away or pushed DOWN by the greediest, nastiest, most self-centered near me for attempting to improve quality of life for ANYONE except the filthy rich. Sometimes I hate the masses that sit on their behinds and do nothing out of apathy too. They are the ones who let everyone do their thinking for them, follow like sheep, and of course, are NEVER to blame for how things turn out. <br><br />
And it's not any particular brand of governing, even though capitalism is evil when taken to an extreme, I believe that's true of ANY type of governing humans come up with ... and history proves this out. It's PEOPLE that screw it up, not the ideal or idea that it started with.<br><br />
I get it. Man, do I get it. I've been waiting for the spaceship that accidentally left me on this godforsaken world to come back and take me home. (Not far enough to dress weird or stuff, just the feeling.)

I have those same feelings much of the time. At work once, when having a disaggrement I was told to act like evreyone else. I said I absolutly refuse to be rude like them to just make it thru the day. Thank you but I will continue to be me. They responded with I admire that of you.

I agree with everything you said but the reason is our capitalistic system that brings it all on.<br />
Without capitalism The earth would be cleaner and greed would to some degree be handled.<br />
Hate and war would be diminished and we might just see the dawning of a new age