So Here I Am Again, Back On My Bed.

Punctuality. Have always been my biggest problem. It seems to never go away, as much as I try to make progress with it, it pops by to say hello every once in awhile. I learnt whats the cause of it, I learnt the reason why it keeps recurring  I have battled it, managed to switch my thoughts and moods to keep pushing and move move move... I understand what, why and how it can affect me. Yet I don't understand why I always keep slipping back to the habit of coming late for work. Mindset yeah, I have experienced the most liberating whole month of being able to wake up normally, get dress, make my way to work... A couple of mins late here and there, called in sick twice. Then one fine day, just like that, i overslept. Migraine  Bang! My boss couldn't take it anymore. My work is hanging on a thread. And guess what this is the 7th company I worked for. How can I ever look for a job now. Never mind how my resume will look like, I have loss every ounce of self confidence I still have. So here I am again on my bed. Totally bummed out about the whole thing.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

No fun.

I know right.