I Look All Used Up Already

I'm only 26, but my body (to me) looks so much older. I have stretch marks everywhere and my boobs have never been perky... I've never known what it was to feel attractive with a tight body. I've been overweight my entire life. As I've gotten older, I just feel like things have literally moved downhill.... I sag and I never feel as though my body will bounce back even if I lose the weight. How ****** of a feeling is that? I've lost 60 pounds so far, but still have 100 to go... but after that, I can only imagine how my body will look. I've always wondered who will love me what with being overweight... but who will love me with a gross and flabby body? I may be much thinner, but I can still see a disgusting body that nobody will be ok with. I know that a lot of it has to do with my insecurities... but it sure doesn't help me have hope for the future. I guess all I can do is pray for enough money for plastic surgery once I do lose all the weight...
sapphiresky86 sapphiresky86
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

being over weight has nothing to do with being loved. someone who will love you will love you regardless of your size or weight. that being said, i'm in the same position as you and have the same insecurities about that as you do. so i understand your feelings on this.