My First Hernia Check

When I was in 9th grade I had to get a physical which included being checked for a hernia. 5 of us were called to the nurses office and waited to be checked by a doctor for a hurnia after getting weighed and sight tested. we were waiting around making jokes about each other. We were called one by one out of the waiting area. We noticed that the doctor was a female and were joking about getting a hard on in front of the doctor. At that age I remember gettin an erection at the most inappropriate times. (Like when I was standing at the front of the room doing a math problem on the chalk board.) After everyone else had gone, I was next. The last one. It was just the female doctor the school nurse and I. She introduced herself and explained what she was going to do. I was barely listening because I was looking down her shirt. She was very pretty and I was very nervous trying to fight off getting an erection, not like I can control it anyway. I was standing in front of her. She was sitting on a stool with wheels. She asked me to pull my pants and underwear down. When I did my penis slapped against the side of my right leg and the school nurse looked over and stared at my penis which I knew was abnormally big for my age. I stopped looking at her and looked at the doctor. she had rubber gloves on and moved my penis away from leg and put her hands on my testicles. As soon as she moved my penis I felt an erection starting and I couldn't stop it, especially after looking down the doctors shirt. I stopped looking down her shirt and looked into her eyes. She was very professional, I could tell she was concentrating on checking for a hernia and she must have been checking for testicular cancer because she was feeling my balls. At this point I was soo hard my penis was throbbing. I could feel my face was bright red. The nurse left the room ( I remember thinking that she left so she could laugh at me or call one of her teacher friends to make fun of me) When the doctor was done checking my balls she looked up at me with her hand still on my balls she told me I was ok. As she brought her head up I could feel her breath on my erection and I was sooo exited. She, on the other hand hadn't noticed or pretended not to notice until that point. When she was done talking she asked how old are you again? I felt my erection subsiding slowly as she told me how to check myself for testicular cancer. The school nurse came back in with a box of gloves and asked if it was alright if the doctor showed her how to check for a hurnia. I said it was OK and now the doctor and school nurse were in front me, the doctor held my mostly flacid penis uncomforably against my left leg so the nurse could reach under my balls as the nurse cupped my testicles and talked to the doctor. All I could think about was how hard the doctor was pressing my penis to my leg. Was she trying to keep me from getting another erection again? It wasn't working...
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Wow. That has never happened to me!

I am quite happy with the size of my penis after comparing it with other boys in my class when I was 14, they actually wished they had one the size of mine, I am not enormous or anything like that, but after seeing my friends penises I am a bit larger than average both in length and circumference. I have never been in a embarrassing situation like the ones above, but I suppose if I ever had to go into hospital, (I am 67 and luckily have never been there except visiting other people) I would just try not to get a erection if anyone did feel at my private parts, remember, those nurses and doctors have seen 101 penises and intimate parts during their careers and you are just another person in a long list of patients, so its only you that is going to feel embarrassed, I would try not to show my embarrassment at all.

Nice Experience

My brother was in the army and got sick and spent some time in the hospital. About 15 student doctors or nurses (all women) asked him if they could do a physical assessment of him. He said ok. They pulled the curtain and surrounded him and went through everything over and over then said we saved the best part for last and said now the hernia exam. They took turns pushing their finger up inside his ball opening and rolled his testicles through their fingers. He said he got hard with the first one then the rest of them held his thing in one hand while they fondled his testicles over and over. He said he almost came. The women were having fun with it and did the exam real slow and laughed among them. He said it was great and he laughed and smiled with them and showed reaction every time they played with his balls. He said each one gave each one of his balls a firm squeeze and asked him if he could feel it and said that the firmness was normal. He said after 15 squeezes he was about to lose it. He asked them if they needed a ***** sample and he said it would be easy to give, they laughed and left.

That's awesome. Wish that would have happened to me.