I have been going through a lot of changes lately. Almost like another life transition. I have endured a lot of hurt and sadness for thirteen years. I'm finally embracing my life taking risk, going through a career change and finally worrying less about what others think and more about what is going to make me happy. To some extent I realize that in some situations like on my job I'll have to care about the company policy, which shouldn't be but whatever I feel a lot more free lately and happy. I gone further into body modification. Going through gender confirmation surgery, I feel more comfortable pursuing other things that such as my piercings. I stopped getting them a while back but just restarted and love them. I'm now at 16 body piercings thinking I'll stop around 18 or 20. Decided that I don't want any tattoos, no outside influence, my own decision. Just sending my firs headshot and photo shoot to a modeling agency in NY. I dreadlocked my hair. And now date lovely girls like myself which I catch a lot of flack for but I'm happier. Started tribal and belly dancing and going out more with friends. I don't write many happy post and I hope that this is the right path to maintain. But even if it isn't at least I'm doing what I've always wanted so that I want one day say I wish I had but never did.
Ellygirl1 Ellygirl1
26-30, T
Aug 24, 2014