Somthing Emo I Made Last Night

So sad for no reason I can’t help it I’m just so sad I just don’t know why my mind makes me so sad and lonely don’t want help for it wont except help they cant make me be happy after all its their fault I’m like this they ignore me, call me names, exclude me, hate me. It’s their fault I’m so sad not mine they don’t understand me no one does. So angry want to scream or punch something it’s their fault. No one understands me they never will they cant they’re not like me the rest of them. Wont except help it’s their fault. I walk a lonely road everyone around me so ignorant, so dumb, and so frustrating. They stare at me like I’m a freak, they whisper about me behind my back I hear them though. They hate me, fear me, stare at me. They will never understand me the other ones the world is not meant for me 
tyroo9 tyroo9
13-15, M
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I've only met two people who truely understand me and there my best friends. No body else truely knows me.....

thats how i feel... like im not meant to be here... like noone loves me... i cry ALOT... but idt i have anymore tears to cry... im just so tired of all this bs!! my own parents... the ppl that gave me life that i didnt even ask for is most to blame for my pain... i hate them!! my dad just got out of jail so im living with my uncle and he makes me feel like a prisoner cuz i cant even hang out with what little friends i have or HAD... and my dad isnt even trying to see me and my mom is stuck up her husbands a** 24 freaken 7 and she doesnt even call me but it doesnt really matter cuz she wasnt around me but maybe 3 years of my whole life (im 15) i was in foster care for most of my life living with ppl i didnt even know and they wasnt exactly perfect for the job... i got locked in a bathroom when i was little cuz i was scared to sleep in the dark... HOW EFFIN STUPID!! and i got beat with a 2 by 4 by my moms ex husband... what a great man. haha YEAH RIGHT!!. but its okay whats past is done and theyll get whats comin for them. KARMAS A B****!!!