I'd Never Ever Had Thought About Being Emo, Before.

Well, I've never thought about being emo. I just scoffed and said. "Why would you hate like that? Yknow, those people probably have mental diseases." But I had strong roots for one town, since we stayed in that town longer than any other (5 years). Since we moved so much. But then I moved to a city I won't name. It sucked being the new kid. Kids made fun of me for being short. Calling me midgit, and smallfry. I distained them. I felt that I could relate to them. I just don't know about my life and seem depressed. I have emo hair and I like jeans like that. I don't cut myself. Am I emo?
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5 Responses May 19, 2007

wow to Zulu too, i've moved so many times over seas... i miss my friends so much... i moved here 6months ago, but you just haveto get used to the place you're at. Make friends, be friendly, try to fit in. I came in my new school with an emo/skater/old school style and people love me because i'm different XD and i've been told that. I am super uber abnormaly short too LOL and you shouldn't mind the name calling. Just shout back at them... diss one of their flaws (in a joking friendly way) haha that's what i do and it always works. <br />
At the begining though i came home everyday crying because i hated my new school so much... anyways now things are perfectly fine. I hope you'll be better soon. Make friends :) good luck! <br />
<br />
and for being emo... it depends. You can have emo feelings, emo style, emo music, or all of them at the same time. it's really hard to define if someone is emo or not. Because everyone has a different point of view of what "emo" is now days...

No. You are only (insert your name here).

I would say that most people are emo. But being emo doesn't mean you have to be sad or angry. If you like music and like the fashion or even if you get emotional from time to time then I'd say your emo.

No you are not.

i have the same thing.. almost exactly. i just moved from my town to a city. i stayed in the town for 6 years and my best friends are there. now i'm here and while people are nice to me (despite calling me short, incidentally) i'm not happy at all. i just miss what i had before.. wow i'm so surpsrised to read yours.. it's so similar.