I Am Emo B-cuz

The reason i am emo is because well it all started  when my brother died i remember telling myself it was my fault because when my step mom was pregnant with my baby brother me and her had gotten into a fist fight and i punched her in the stomach and i felt like i killed him so i tried to kill myself!

Another reason is because i just feel like i dont belong in this world my mother gave me away and my dad lies to me my step mom tells me that she hates my style but i try and not let her get into my way. She and my dad tell me im just wanting to fit into the other crowds around school but its not just school its life.

And i was hospitalized for cutting my wrist open twice!!!

And well

Emolicious Emolicious
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 1, 2007

emos not about cutting. its about the music. its a huge missconception to think emos cut.