Who I Really Am

I guess I´ve always been this way. Long before I even understood the term.  I guess back in the day it was much harder, I was always talking about whatwent through my head even though people were sick and tired of listening.  And I guess I thought I was weak, always crying, or over reacting, or taking too long to get over something that shouldn´t even make me frown.  But people assend from a selfish nature, and that is just the way this world works.  Yeah, everyone has problems, and everyone has bad days.  But with so many people in this world who has time to listen to what you´re going through?  After all they´re going through things also.  And everyone´s problems are always more important than yours anyways.  People say you´d have to walk a thousand miles in someones shoes to understand them, but the truth is no one will ever really understand what you´re going through, and your problems will never  mean so much to others as they do to you.  So today, after realizing this, I´m proud to call myself EMO.  Because if I don´t cry for myself, who the hell will?

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

im alot like that

I know how you feel I'm used to be like that and now I called myself emo/goth freak since I cut myself and I wore utterly all black. And ever since I don't cry I only cut.