I'm very emotional! in 2006 I was 2 month into my husband being gone for 6 month for Basic training and snapped on our best friend Kenny. At the time Kenny was 20 dating a 14 year old, obviously I didn't approve! I stupidly decided to let them stay at our house for a couple weeks cause they promised not to "do" anything while they were there. After a week of hearing them at night I said it was time to go and wanted them up by 10 to go into town. I woke up fine and tried for 2 hours to get them out of the room so I did the only thing I could think of at the time, I turned on my very loud annoying alarm. After a few minutes he storms out the door and says to me"that's ******* rude Summer." I was shocked! He had never ever talked to me like that before and I just flipped. Screamed at him to get the **** out and when his little ***** girlfriend started talking **** to me and he didn't defend me I was even more shocked!! He's been a brother to me for over 10 years and he chooses her over me!! I slapped him quite a few times and when the ***** started talking more **** I stupidly pulled my husbands loaded 38 out and pointed at me first. When that didn't get a reaction out of him(***** was still talking ****) I pointed it at her and the him. Thank god I didn't twitch cause later I found out just how softly you touch the trigger and it goes off! After everything I ended up going to what they had told my mom and me was a behavioral hospital but when I found out it was a psychiatric ward I flipped out again which made them have to hold me for 3 days. I found it was the best thing for me though, I learned I could control my thoughts and feelings and not let myself be "hijacked by my emotions" as they called it. I did apologize to both of them after wards but we haven't talked since. Can't blame them for not wanting to be around a crazy person. Now it's only crying for me.

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I would have flipped out too, i might have shot him, as a victim of childhood abuse i have zero tolerance for pedophiles