Emotional Over Art, Music and People

Life is compressed and overflowing with events whether or not you or I, the individual, are part of that flow.  You or I could be six feet under and the sun will still come up in the morning producing photosynthesis, oxygen, and the cycle of weather and rain.

The point of life is that someone would miss you and me, if we were not here. Music and Art exist primarily to portray the emotions of people and leave behind something of the artist, that will continue to connect with other's, long after he or she is gone. The ability to remember a loved one is wonderful, but it is also good to be able to hear, see, or touch something that is connected to them.  

I am going to share a special event that I think illustrates the beauty of emotional beings like you and me.  Someone with a gift for art or story telling should capture this. 

I  preface this story with the following thought: You and I rarely have over the top days because we are busy spending energy to make choices from a nearly bottomless pit of freedom.  We can make a choice and then change our minds over almost anything. This takes a lot of worry, emotional energy, and shopping discrimination, regarding what food, shelter, clothing, and safety devices to buy.

I have a girl friend who chooses, now and then, to stop the pursuit of self interested perfect choices.

The names are changed to keep identity anonymous.

Carolyn was the youngest of four children and 10 years younger than me, her oldest sister.  During the years that I was learning to play the piano, little Carolyn would lay underneath the grand piano, during the practice sessions, and soon fall asleep.

Through the years, Carolyn wished that she could return to her childhood days, when there was peaceful slumber underneath the piano. Carolyn especially remembered the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms.

Thirty years later, Carolyn was talking about this experience with a mutual friend, the one I mentioned above.

One day our friend invited Carolyn and her husband to dinner. After the meal Carolyn was told that the rest of the evening was devoted to her. Carolyn could lay under the piano, with pillow and blanket, while our friend played her beautiful grand piano. 

Tears slipped from Carolyn's eyes and there was a quiver in her voice as she shared the event. It was an over the top experience because she had the remembrance of me, as well as, a kind of time warp backward to a peaceful and loving time. It was newly created beautiful time in the NOW, because she found a caring friend.  This friend not only knew what made Carolyn happy, she made it happen. Carolyn knew that if I had a grand piano, or had a friend with one, and lived near by, I would have done this for her. 

Summary: This is a great example of how anyone of us can become a sort of surrogate for healing and joy. The choice is ours to make.

Our mutual friend brought the emotion of two sisters to the forefront and added her own. Through the art of music and friendship, we shall not forget each other.   


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