Next Life, I'm coming back As a Dog

That is, if reincarnations exists (which I hope to discuss here at I Like Philosophy soon). Why would I want to do that?
Simply because, animals (especially dogs and to a lesser extents, cats) are more evolved than us human beings. Examples in point:

They don’t deliberately go out to hurt another.
They forgive more readily then us humans.
Accepting others unconditionally is another thing they can do which we can’t.
No murderers among them (except perhaps in self defence, or in the wild, to eat). Certainly no danger of committing suicide if I was an animal in my next life.
No chance of them ruining their health by smoking, over-drinking, or self-abuse.
They are much quieter and less obnoxious.
They don’t waste their time blogging (smile).

So what if they live a shorter life then we do. Most of them (I should think) have less stress in their lives and are probably more happy than most humans. So, if the Masters of the Universe (God or whatever you wanted to refer it or them to) - listen up for a change - I want to be a Dog !!!
sakamato sakamato
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 3, 2007

***** is the female of dog, why you want to change this general truth, dogs are dogs, and you're a human being, why such self contempt, and ingratitude.
You are missing a terrible moment of happiness by not being a human, happiness is within pain and suffering.

Some dogs kill without a reason. I watched the news one time and this rochweiler dog attacked and killed this kid by the beach. And I have seen this show called when animals attack of this dog attacking these people walking on the side walk. Plus so many dogs kill cats. I think dogs are like any one of us. They just don't feel above us and claim what feels like theres. Some will kill for territory.