Roses And Rain

Being emotional is what causes a low self-esteem. In high school I avoided talking with strangers because every time someone said hello or tried to be civil with me I get embarrassed and flush like roses and then the roses become tomatoes. The other person would freak at my reaction and stop talking. One time I was sitting with a bunch of girls in P.E. period. A popular girl came to hang with us and she asked me how many sisters do I have. When I started to answer I flushed red and my lips started to tremble. The girl's eyes widened at my reaction and she moved away from me. I sensed all the girls mocking me, and I stopped talking from there. Blushing is really like a curse. It's like saying step away from me.
On the other hand, the smallest situation irritates my tears. I cry when I,m sad, happy, and mostly when I'm angry. Sometimes I get irritated in front of people. I try to hold the tears back, but they fail me. Rain flows down and I wipe away in embarrassment. Last time I was so upset about being short on my poetry studies. The upset turned into rage and I started crying involuntarily in class. I covered my face with my hair and pretended to scratch my eyes to wipe the tears.
That's why I call them roses and Rain.
ScarletGS ScarletGS
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012