The Word Drama

Since the summer I my association of the word drama went from amusing, sincere, anxiety, fighting, something gone rancid. I have this aversion to the word drama now and I can pin point the experiences I had with it by the terms that had started to repeat from one encounter with a man to another.  Emotional plea of any kind = DRAMA
You argue with them that their accusation is wrong= DRAMA
You stand up for your self= DRAMA
You want to attack them= DRAMA
And the only people who commit drama seem to be women, it's the new term for hysteria, hyster being latin for uterus, a conniption that is female very crude and unthoughtful.  These example men who changed this for me also jump on other men when they become expressive which I find unsupportive of a fellow bro. 
DRAMA my friends, is every ******* where, it is unavoidable from work to relationships to friendships.  That is why we find people, who are so good with people, so damn appealing.  They are SKILLED with the human condition they don't just have this completely dehumanizing response to call you on it like that's some kind of solution.  I am sick all the way up of 'that guy' who's primary goal in life is to be so emotionally narrow he doesn't have to put in any effort, be the blame for anything, can stay separate and aloof of others..oh what a rock, what an island! pshhh.  To me if you love to call drama on to long an explanation, to many texts, too scary or deep a conversation YOU are the weakest of the humans, and that's ironic because of how you throw your callous act everywhere you go burdening others and driving them nuts because you sit on them then call bull **** when they whimper!  That is weak, these guys are usually muscle bound, in business maybe have an MBA, day trade, and run 18 hour days six days a week.  I think people who easily call drama, just want some quiet pretty thing that is too independent or strong to care what they do to them.  The last drama caller I observed, loves to bring up in conversation that he teaches women self defense classes, then he goes cruzing for sex and tosses them around like rag dolls emotionally like that kind of violence isn't violence O.o
You need to call drama? you need to get some life handed you!
(exceptions include reactions that really are habitually over the top and cannot add to a resolution, and is done with/in front of/or with the expectation that the other party automatically fix you.  Does not include venting or someone in need of support over a situation they could not have controlled, cannot not preclude menstruation(sorry), flue viruses, broken or loss of limb, death, basically conditions that naturally make people terse)
Thank you who ever reached the end!
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

i agree with you,,there are many men who could care less as long as they can get what they want from you,,,,and leaves you with all the drama,,,as they go about their next quest causing more drama,and not feeling a thing,,,emotionally crippled,,