Birds And Spots

There are days resembling the notorious game of Birdwatch.
Rules are simple. For parts of the second there appear one bird and one number. You have to watch them both, click on the place where bird was and remember the number. But sometimes for a change there appear many black spots along with the bird (to make things more interesting) and when you click on these there comes a message “Sorry, you missed”.
Sometimes there are days I constantly click on the black spots. Something goes wrong all of the time. Kid phones to say he has dislocated his arm. Customers do not reply to my offers. Dog eats something wrong, gets arrhythmia and needs veterinary. And all this accompanied by constant murmuring of my mother in law, who is never pleased with anything.
At they say it is possible to avoid black spots if one trains enough. Numerous books on self training quote the well known Hermetic laws and teach we create our reality in our brain.
So I wander is there a training to avoid such “black spotted” days. I’m dreaming to be bored with luck.
mayaangpetrova mayaangpetrova
41-45, F
Jan 16, 2013