I Knew

i knew from the get go that my relationship wasn't ever going to be a traditional one. first of long distance relationship( we found each other on the internet) then the fact that im Bisexual....

We have never hid how we felt sexually... im the type i will try anything at least once. i had a sexual experience with a girl in my past before my then boyfriend( now husband). i had told him everything about my past sexual experiences. he had asked me about how i felt about girls i had told him that i had never really thought about it and that the one time i did fool around with a girl i liked it. well later in our relationship i'll say about a year into it,we had some what of a sexual experience.... lets just say me and my husband where doing it and his friend and girl friend where right there doing it... use girls started to mess around with each other our then boyfriends(my husband) just watched.. that was the moment i knew i really liked girls. he never pushed me to get with other women unless i wanted to. after we married we had talked about fantasies and such... i had told him i have always wanted to be with and older man.... he was open to it... said find someone let me know...so at that point i would say without say it we became open. i did find some one i was 19 he was 39.... it was something i was so nervous about my husband gave me some rules and it happened that was about a year into our marriage and ever sense we have been open. he has had his fun and i have had my own .... just keep it safe
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Jan 20, 2013