Ya I Guess ...

you could say that.. i mean i'm not sure if you can really tell..but i know i can becuase somethings can really get to me.. like once i went out with this guy [which of course wasn't worth it] and all my friends.. being good friends were telling me it wasn't a good idea but one of my guy friends who also knew him asked "how stupid can you be!?" i agree it was a stupid idea but it made me sad inside that i knew it was dumb[[at first i felt stupid because my friends kept telling me things i didn't know about him..not that i listen to what people say just because they say it]] but anyways i felt stupid becuase it was obviously the wrong thing to do...and i felt bad that day...

if people hate me or don't except me as a friend or seemed to be annoyed by me it makes me sad even though i know it's stupid to even care..eventually i get over it..but before i get over it i try to make myself think that they will want me to be their friend one day when i won't care or that i am the one whose better of or something of the sort...but if people hate me that doesn't bother me much

if someone makes me mad i'm okay i guess but if they **** me off then i need someway to calm down and i can't especailly when i try and i hate them for even making me feel that way and my hands will even shake..and i feel like i need to punch something..

sometimes the things people say can really get to me even when it shouldn't or sometimes even if they don't mean it to be mean or whatever but usually i don't let it show that they've upset me or whatever

and sometimes when i am upset over something i tend to keep it to myself or something...i'm not really good at explaing how i feel all the time..mostly it depends where i am or who you are or how i feel.


Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2007