Emotionalizing My Reasons

There was a time when my life was moving in a direction where I justified everthing through reason. It was an attempt to pass off my dumnity as a mark of a superior being. It was rationalization to the hilt. Then one day I met a little girl who asked me to peel her Pomegranate and I could not. I told her that the reason why I could not is because I have never studied one and I only handle fruits that I study. And she grabbed the fruit from me, and used her hands to break it open exposing the juicy seeds. She then looked at me and said, "Your brain needs a toothbrush to clean up your emotions and learn from a rabbit who eats what he feels without thinking." I was embarrassed and begged her for a taste of her pomergranate and she obliged. From that day on I began to feed on seedless fruits.

nababz nababz
61-65, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2006

I now do everything you used to do. I rationalize and reasonize everything. If I ever have an unreasonable emotion, I try to tune it out.