Blame me when your medicines you use to heal break me
You don't see their poison effects on my body
Blame me and leave me alone to suffer
Blame me as crazy mad depressed
For you don't want to see the damage you medicines had done to me
For it's your job and you think you know best for my body
You put your poisons in me they break me and then I get the blame
For you are a doctor and you think your medicines heal , but all they do are destroy
You have destroyed my health with your medicines
I am in your claws and now so broken no escape from you
All there is to offer is more poisons medicines to make things worse for me, they are the only thing for me as you say I need help ,but once in you web of deceit I am trapped in the spiders web to be injected with more of your medicines
If you read this then you will come and that will be the end of me.
Labelled as crazy mad depressed doesn't want to help herself or be helped, by a world controlled by medicine and law
Who destroy you and blame you when they break you and you can no longer take care of yourself
That what happened to me you world of medicines where deadly for me.
How many other broken people who you destroyed are labelled crazy mad depressed like me?
I wish I was crazy mad then I would know or care what was happening to me
I am neither I am angry destroyed I know whats happening to me for your medicines destroyed my body and left my mind to know and fear trapped in a broken body .
So maybe I am crazy in that way you destroyed me crazy with anger rage cheated
Took all the good away from me left me in pain and sickness that I wouldn't be in if I Had not had your medicines in me
So now I cant take anymore where does that leave no escape for my mind just memories of how it should be don't want to die shouldn't be broken but I have no escape and will get the blame
I will get the blame for not getting or wanting help waiting to long when I didn't want to die and know anymore of your medicines would kill me
How can anyone believe me that me body is to broken to take anymore of your poisons no they don't for they are not broken like me.
Your medicines have killed me broken my body beyond repair I am dying due to your medicines and get the blame for being beyond repair
chris50 chris50
46-50, F
Dec 1, 2012