My Brother Is Obsessed With Me

i know what that ^ sounds like but it's nothing s3xual. I haven't spoken to this wife beating, too afraid to hit a man but quick to hit a woman bully in 4 years.

his wife was constantly making a big deal out of what i did. like if i spend the night out she would go get my brother to come and hit me. several times she pushed my buttons. she would pick up the phone right infront of me and listen in on my conversations. she would just NOT leave me alone. she would be satnding outside my door with pots and pans to get me to wake up when i was sleeping. she was very careful though about her timing. it was always when my mother wasn't here.

my brother would do the same. he would call up my mother and lie trying to get me in trouble. he tried to hit me several times until i warned him that if he touched me i would press charges against him for assault and he would be locked up with real men that won't hesitate to teach him a lesson once they knew what he had done to a female.

he went from the incredible hulk to a scared little mouse in seconds after my threat. hahahahaha it was really something.

then he got his wife to come and hit me.she threaten me that she would beat me up when she saw me outside. with her i didn't care i told her let's go! but she didn't want to. infact she turned the tables on me and told me that she was going to call the cops on me!.

that's when i understood. she constantly pushed my buttons because she wanted me to do something bad so she could go get my brother to hit me. she didn't want to fight with me atall! she was too scared of fighting me, she wanted to provoke me but have my brother be the one to fight me, not her. that's what she wanted all along. for my brother to hit me. since he is always hitting her she wants him to come and hit me. she wants me to suffer what she has suffered because she envies my freedom. she resents me on those days that i go out and didn't come back till the morning. she hates me because i represent all the things that she never had because she married my sociopathic brother when she was 14. he has had her locked down ever since and she is only one year older than me.

i tried to help her. several times. infact that is what lead to my brother wanting to beat my face in. constantly looking for different ways to intimidate me when i would walk pass him. because she told him how i was trying to help her leave him.

today four years later they no longer live here (thank God) but when they do come he still looks for ways to intimidate me. he gives me dirty looks when no one is watching. she snatches things out of my hand again when no one is watching. BUT they constantly try to convince the rest of my family to get me to talk to him. he has turned ALOT of people against me saying lord knows what. i just know it's lies. she is the type of person that looks so innocent so she acts all caring when others ask why i don't speak to them. she claims i've "lied" only i have never told my side of the story to no one. lol

my narcissistic mother has also played a role into this. she loves to torture me emotionally and has participated when they have attacked me. i remember one particular time when i broke down and cried and she (my mother) burst out laughing at me. seeing my brother making me cry was funny to her. she laughed soo loud as if it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. me breaking down, being terrified of this man harrassing me making me cry was funny to her.

my brother has my cousin and other people give him info on what i do. some people have told me others i just end up finding out by accident. he is obsessed with what i am doing, what i am not doing. he wants to know every single detail of my personal business. and continues to try to get others to force me to talk to him YET he has never offered an apology. he has never tried to be nice to me. everytime he sees me he does something to get me to be afraid of him. he'll give me the most evil look. he till this day despite the fact that i haven't spoken to him in years, manages to turn other poeple against me with the info he gets about me from others.

he exaggerates things ofcourse, and or adds. it's really creepy to see how much time, and energy he invest on this obsession with either getting everyone to hate me because i refuse to bow down to him, or get everyone else to force me to bow down to him.

one time he made my mother tell me to atleast talk to him like a "hi and bye" type of thing. AND that by not doing so i am "provoking" him and lastly that by me not talking to him i am "affronting" him.

that i know was put in my other's head by him. i know the type of words he uses and his way of thinking. that really made me strongly believe more than ever before that my brother is a sociopath. he thinks everyone else is beneath him and owes him respect yet he refuses to respect others.

i don't know how much longer this will go on. i need to move out so bad but i can't seem to find my way out. if only i had the money or found someone to either share the bills with or be inlove with and move in together. but that is highly unlikely. i plan to cut my mother off when i move out. it's been years and i still can't get this money. i wish i would have stayed in school. now it's too late and i have to strp to make a living only my tummy has gotten to big and i've been unemployed for a while. i just need to get rid of this gut.
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yikes such a bad situation- keep some strength and hope!

thnx:) and yea it is bad:/