I Finally Understand Why I Feel The Way I Do.. Life As An Emotionally Hypersensitive

Ever since I was a child I have felt different. Very empathetic towards others. I would risk bruised fingers to rescue a bug from the cruel stomping feet of my classmates and would be very upset and cry if the smallest creature died. When I was about 7, a classmate fell down and grazed her leg and though she did not cry... I did! I wailed and cried and was so upset. The adults all stared at me.

I was always very artistic and musical and a painting or a sad song can make me cry. If i'm around someone who is upset I will end up upset as well.
I am very vague and will often not notice when people are talking to me.
I think about myself in relation to others all the time, evaluating my feelings and running dialogues in my head.
When I was 4 I would imagine what would happen if life had never existed to scare myself and wondered if life was really "real" i.e the Matrix :P
A few years ago I met a guy and it's like I bonded to him. He became everything to me and it only took his leaving the school three years later that allowed me to (semi) forget him and live normally again.
Why do I behave like this? It sometimes seemed to me that I was different.

The other day I was looking at a brochure for "gifted children" for my sister and I saw a thing on hypersensitivity below it... I suddenly realized that everything strange I had done as a kid and everything that makes me strange and not fit in now, relates to a personality trait called Emotional hypersensitivity. Wow! I was very interested because it seemed to relate to my life so much. And though there might not be many of you out there... Maybe someone understands my pain at others pain, my reluctance to see and ant die... It would be really interesting to talk to people who have similar experiences.
May 19, 2012