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I am trying to know the faults I have , and to make my best effort to adjust my behavior for the benefit of those I love.  I am so emotionally needy, that sometimes I'm a giant ,quivering hunk of jello, swiftly becoming a giant puddle of the same!!

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I feel the same way, msunicorn....I so very deeply care that I'm loved. It seems I'd get better at it with age, huh? Not so, in my case. I'm just as insecure as I was when I was a teen. Thank you for the comment, I wish you love and peace in your life!!<br />
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I do so much. It makes me sad. I envy other people who don't need friends and family so badly. How do they do it? It's like I feel, am I really a good person if people don't tell me or show me?

I think that most people feel that need , to some degree....I certainly do..

i am the middle sister out of three girls. i miss my sisters so much it left a hole that i can't fill. we grew up in a dysfunctional family. my mom is an extreme hoarder with obsessive compulsive disorder. i think i suffer from ocd as well. my childhood was very lonely and i just wanted to belong somewhere. i miss my sister so much. just having them around and that sense of belonging somewhere. i am living with a man although our relationship is unromantic now. i keep trying to have my sister back in my life. i am very clingy towards my sisters. does anyone relate to this feeling. a desire to belong to a close family or group of friends. somebody please respond

I feel the exact same way....much of the time , I feel too demanding...and sometimes even unreasonably so!!!<br />
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Penny Webb :-)<br />