My Feelings Inside

I have kept my feelings inside about how i really feel about my dad for years i have always tried to be the best daughter that i could be. My dad has is own moving business and works very long hours he schedules his weekends for me to come vist him around his work. He expects me to come vist him 3 weekends out of the month but if for some reason like if i get sick or have other plans he gets very very upset and blames my mom when i go up there i feel neglected, unwanted, and unloved because whenever time i go up there he hardley never talks to me or even spends time with me. He always spends time with my step-mom and hardley never with me so i don't see the point of going up there and they don't treat me good either they treat me like trash. Because they have treated me very badly in the past they have judged me, criticize me, misunderstood me, hurt me, pressured me, yelled at me and they have also emotionally-abused me. They had made my life very hard and diffcult for me it was just so hard going up there because i also felt that everything was my fault like if i made a mistake they would yell at me they would want me to be  perfect and i would try my best to be that way so they would not yell. And i also wanted them to accept me and love me because all i wanted was just to be understood by him but he never did and i don't think he'll never will. I just don't think he cares and he proabuloy doesn't but that is o.k because i'am learning and trying to let go of what had happend in the past and i hope i can get over it. And i also hope to be a therapist someday so i can help other people with thier problems.

goneawayforgood goneawayforgood
Feb 25, 2009