So Hungry

I was raised in an emotional void. My parents were not affectionate towards wach other or towards my brother and I. We never stayed in one place very long so there was no such thing as a good friend, no trusted instructors, and relgious leaders at all. All I had were these cold formal people. Now they are barely on speaking terms with me, my professors leave me pretty much alone, and my friends suck. I finally know that I need people and to communicate and to be part of something but I feel blocked. Like no one will let me. I feel like my friends only take advantage of me (as though I have to bribe them to hang out, make them need to hang out with me) and even that is superficial. If I have a problem, something I really need to talk about I am on my own. My cries for help go unanswered every time. I need to connect with people outside of myself but no one is willing to. I don't know what else to do.
SimplyPerson SimplyPerson
Jan 22, 2012