I'm never going to trust you which is what's going to keep me from loving you. I think most anything that comes out of the opposite sexes mouth is a lie because it normally is. It's much easier for me to be unavailable and never get hurt, than to allow feelings and risk that chance; Sure, sure, I'm "missing out on soo much" but I completely disagree. I am confident that when I meet that right someone I can let go of this facade but until then I enjoy keeping conversations shallow and skin deep.

Lexila Lexila
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

And this is why you two should get married.<br />
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It'd be a nice, sappy, tale though if you somehow met without the slightest idea that you communicate on ep and then fall in love and then lay your guard down and then realize that you are each other. <br />
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That'd be a nice story with a happy ending.

I feel the same way. I know that if the right person comes along, once I build up enough trust, I'll let go of all my little defense mechanisms and "rules" about what they can and can't know about me.<br />
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Until then, I quite enjoy keeping things light and playing the "arrogant *******," just because it turns people off and means I don't have to deal with them. Those that put up with it get to see little bits of the real me.<br />
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Alright, that's enough sappy bullshit.