Willing Victim

 I left my biological dad’ in Massachusetts and with a backpack full of all my belongings I started walking down the road.  I really didn’t feel I could go back to the farm in Pennsylvania with everyone thinking I was crazy.  My step dad knew where I was coming from but you can never just go and physically be with him.  In order to reach him, you have to expand your consciousness to his level.  And that was exactly what I planned to do or die trying. So I started hitch-hiking to up state New York which is about 300 miles from where I was standing at the moment.  I had heard there were lots of apple orchards there and I felt it wouldn’t be hard to get a job picking fruit.  After all I was carrying around this official crazy label now so chances are I wasn’t going to make it big in the corporate world.  Besides I had done some fruit picking and really liked the purity of the job.  You just get paid for the amount of fruit you picked, no fancy resume required.


  So I started hitch-hiking and got a ride right away.  But by this time it was getting late and the driver asked if I had a place to stay for the night.  I told him I had a tent which I could pitch just about anywhere.  But he insisted I come home with him and eat something and then he would take me to a beautiful beach where I could pitch my tent.  Of course I was scared, but figured my life was in the hands of God at this point so I agreed.  So true to his word I found myself in his house, just me and him, eating a meal.  I wasn’t really afraid of him or what he might do to me.  I’m really good at picking up where people are at and he was just a normal guy. But to my surprise, I found myself very upset because I was lost.  I didn’t know how to get back to the main highway and it was freaking me out.  I really couldn’t tell if this guy was going to bring me back to the highway again.  But he did bring me to the beach as promised, and it was a beautiful site to pitch my tent.  I finally got rid of my fear of being lost by realizing my destination of picking fruit was pretty flimsy at best, so I decided I would rethink my destination in the morning if he didn’t show up and bring me to where I could continue my trip.


  He did show up the next morning and took me to the entrance of the toll road I needed to take in order to get to the orchards I was traveling to.  Unfortunately, they didn’t allow hitch-hikers on the toll road so I had to try to hitch a ride in front of the toll booth where people had to pay to enter this highway.  I was standing in back of a sign where someone had spray painted the words,” No rides out of hell hole.”   At first I thought it was amusing but after about 5 hours of thumbing, with night time setting in, I understood exactly what the author of this message was telling me.  I found some bushes near by and pitched my tent and hoped for better luck in the morning.

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Wow.. I wish I had enough courage to do something like this. It has been a child hood dream of mine to hitchhike, but everyone tells me I would be stupid to do so. I've read a few other of your experiences and I'm enjoying very much! :D

Hi Chantalia, Yes hitchhiking can be dangerous. I think it only works if there is a need and the timing is right. Glad you are enjoying my stories.

Suzzy, you are too old and wise to ever be able to join the "real" world... Just as the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Zarathrustra, Lao Tzu, all of the great teachers of humankind we all exist outside of the gross and we live in the sublime, what "they" want to call the Mystic, some say we live in the house of the devil!!.... Do you really think you could live in the world of Bush,Palin,the Republican slanted world which is manifesting here in the states? Though I haven't caught up with where we left off last year, I can already see you have picked up your staff to wander the path of life and journey on to your next wayside, there to add to the enlightenment of others, as you have been doing me since we met. Not always an easy road is this path, I have just reached a wayside, and am able to pause and laugh and love for awhile with out doubt or fear. And right now with my Butterfly (can you see the smile of joy on my face?) But, when energies present now are no longer strong or as useful, then at that time I know I will pick my staff and continue from this little respite. There is a time for all seasons.... I will walk this with you for even while I enjoy my pausing, I love to share the path of those seekers who will let me so that I can grow even while I renew my stregnth.<br />
love mike

It's nice to have you with me on this path.

Hi Kat, This experience was my way of living out what I believed in. I needed to find out if what I believed to be true could materialize in the real world. There were so many people who just thought I lived in never never land and would someday wake up and join the real world. But I did prove to myself that with a good heart and an open mind I could deal with the world on my terms. Thanks for reading this and your nice comment. It's fun to open up like this and have a friend like you around to understand.<br />
<br />
love sue

WOW...<br />
this is very interesting, I can't wait to read the next part!<br />
Thank goodness the man giving you the ride was okay...you never know!<br />
I think you have many angels over your shoulders.<br />
I understand the need for fresh starts and needing to get out and be on your own a while! <br />
This can be very healthy for growth and to define who you are in the world.<br />

Hi bl<x>inky, (what a cute handle) Actually this is a story about enlightenment. I certainly became more aware because of this experience. I can post more of this story if I thought somebody was interested. Thanks for the the add. You have a story I want to get back to and post a comment on. Stay cool.