I Hate Being So Emotional

Every time I get in a group to talk about something personal I cry!! It's so embaressing!! I wish I would not cry in front of people, I hate it! I know that if I start talking to the group to share a story I will cry!!
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26-30, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

I used to be that way too until I turned about 33 years old and learned to control my emotions a little better. Then I learned to trick my mind into thinking of something different before I get all emotional. It is very hard to do. I'm very emotional too and scare away so many people because nobody wants to be around someone who is always sad. Now I just want to die because I'm exhausted w/life and trying so hard to be what people expect. I look normal, pretty and intelligent until you get to know me and then the tears come and I can't be happy. It gets old. I hope you aren't as bad as me but try tricking your mind to thinking of something different.