I'm Hurt Cause We Ended That Way :,c

So I'm hurt, like literally emotionally hurt, my ex boyfriend & I broke up 6 days ago, he said he was done & wasn't going to bother me till the next day he does bother me, so my friend & I went to his house to talk to his mother & him, I kid you not I was second guessing it, I did not want it to happen like that at all, I just wanted him to not bother me so I can heal about the relationship we had, I love him I really do & wanted to stay with him still, yeah I have faults in the relationship no one is perfect neither is he. & I don't expect him to be perfect, I truly care for him a lot. & i know I still love him deep down, even thou whatever happen at his house I still miss him no lie. But I'm not going to be like him already talking to girls & telling people about our situation, people need to not tell me anything about him, because I'm trying to heal & people telling me all this isn't going to help me heal at all. I'm trying to distract myself with anything possible. At least I know I'm not the one moving on so quickly or move on for comfort from another guy.

& whatever happens in the future with me & him, if it ever happens, I know my feelings would still be there, & no doubt I would take him back on the spot, again that's if it ever happens. I'm just hurt!! :,,,,c
Unknownsweet Unknownsweet
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013