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Who Isn't?

With all due respect, we are ALL unstable. It may not be every moment or every day but we all lose it over something. I remember seeing a former friend who tried to act like life was so grand and that she was above those who suffered anxiety and depression totally have a MELT DOWN. We never talked about it (of course, that would ruin her cover) but I looked at her as a little more human after that. Did it change her? No, she stayed as the over achieving, highly competitive, totally irritating Type A person.

I do not want to degrade those of use who work hard to find balance or those of us who are struggling to get there. I just think that people who think everything is ok ALL THE TIME will get *** cancer from all their repressed emotions......

Generika Generika 31-35, F 1 Response Sep 13, 2008

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AH, those horribly irritating "perfect" people. If cancer doesn't get them, a heart attack will.