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well. I've never been diagnosed or anything like that but i know without i doubt i have panic attacks, anger problems, and horrible anxiety problems. i cry a lot and even i don't know why sometimes. i feel like a horrible person all the time and anything i do seems to always been wrong. it embarrasses me all the time, especially when i have a fit and no one understand why I'm upset. i always feel like the odd man out. Ive tried taking meds for it but nothing can seem to keep me calm without making me a zombie. i feel so useless anymore. i cant even go out with my friends anymore without something bothering me. Which could end up being anything from someone walking in front of me the wrong way to there being too many people in one area at one say the least i feel like a loser. i cant maintain any relationship at all of any kind other then the one i have with my dad.....

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

You need a mood will balance the hormonal imbalance in your body which is causing you to be so to the anger management....have you been screened for ADD? one of signs is inability to regulate mood responses (not that it excuses embarassing behavior but an understanding person might cut some slack) yeah I went through zombie bit......I would say you need St. John's helps calm the nerves and makes you mellow out.....takes longer to work than drugs but doesn't have the harmful side effects most drugs have either. Let me know how it turns out I wish I could think of that herbal supplement that is a kind of mood balance and stabilizer and anti-depressant all in one.....if i think of it I will contact you......Don't despair and don't put yourself down. We all need a little help from time to time.......There are no perfect people out there. In the meantime dark green leafy veggies and be careful about diet......Good luck!

I really hope you have worked things out!