A Mist

At my best Im energetic and funny but thats been going away for some time now. Within the last 5 or 6 months I feel like Im walking around in a fogged reality. I either sleep for ridiculous amounts of time or I dont sleep at all for days.

I went for help but was passed around like crazy to many different councellors and eventually gave up. I honestly dont know what happened, I just sort of slipped away. I feel bad for my friends, they try and help but I wont snap out of it: they are my family.

When I slip away I just try and find the good in the situation and sometimes it works. I lift my head up and find something positive to do. When Im at my worst I scare myself.

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I'm glad to hear you are going back. I was recently just put on meds and they work very nicely...except for the side effects lol. <br />
My happiness now comes from (besides the pills lol) trying to raise awareness on the stigma suicide and mental illness faces.

You must take yourself back to your doctor and insist on some tests . Do not allow yourself to be passed around YOU ARE A PERSON NOT A PIECE OF BAGGAGE. I Wish I could come to you and give you a big cuddle. As I cannot not I am sending you one. Take care and know I am always thinking about you.<br />

Aw I love you guys haha. Im glad I found this website! Im trying to find a counsellor, its just a long process at the college

Man look up PTSD. Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.<br />
Message me<br />
I know you you are me<br />
I'ts called fight or flight<br />
and your body can disiosious itself. ( like you have stepped out of your body! for survival)<br />
It is not bi polour<br />
its PTSD they have a few things in common but all you need are the tools to help you.<br />
babe were here!!

Fast:<br />
<br />
You sound a little bi-polar to me, but I am NOT a doctor. I think you should go see one and get an expert opinion