My Girlfriend Is Empathic

Hello and thanks for reading this, 33 years ago I was 15 years old and a friend called and said there was a pool birthday party the problem was that there were too many girls going to be there and would I like to go? Well being a red blooded American 15 year old I said YES! I'll be there. I met the birthday girl and we became friends went to the prom but shorly after high school lost touch with each other for nearly 20 years. Now we are in a wonderful relationship and life with an empathic girlfriend is interesting. We have stories, lots of them, we had a fight last fall and I was horrible we both felt horrible until we made up.

She is wonderful and amazing and I have been in love with her for 33 years now after all these years I have my dream girl.
Topmaul Topmaul
Jul 10, 2010